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Improve and Repair Yard Drainage

Clean Green, Inc. handles yard drainage issues. We'll install a drain system to protect the landscape and foundation and even provide a custom drainage design to fit your property. Customers in the Little Elm, Texas, area, can also get drains repaired or modified, such as installing a French drain.

Stone Walkway

Drainage Repair

Some lawns just aren't designed for good drainage. We make modifications to the land, such as leveling the yard, to improve drainage. If needed, we'll install a new drain system under the lawn.

Drainage Problem Areas

Every yard has its problem spots when it comes to drainage. These spots can include:

• Around In-Ground Pools
• House Foundations
• Above Ground Ponds

• Walkways
• Grates & Drains

Benefits of Improving Drainage

There are many benefits to improving water drainage, aside from just improving the look of your property. Standing water makes walkways and paths slippery and hazardous. It can also seep into the foundation and damage your home. Plant roots rot in the soil when it's saturated with water. Improving drainage can also help reduce the risk of insect infestations.

Other Drainage Services

We do a number of things around the property to help with drainage and maintenance. These include:

• Downspout Drain Extension
• Underground Repair
• Grate Replacement
• Drain Pipe Repair
• French Drainage Replacement

• Land Leveling
• Repair French Drain Adaptors
• Channel Drain Installation
• Catch Basin & Grate Installation

Beautiful Front Yard

Sprinkler Repair

Over sprinkling and issues with your irrigation system can add to water drainage problems. Our team provides a mid-summer checkup on your system, and checks on things during a dry spell. We'll even shut off and reactivate your sprinklers each season. If you suspect overwatering, we evaluate and diagnose the problem, including electrical, such as wiring issues, timer repair and replacement, or just replacing fuses and batteries. We can work on the sensors, search for broken wires, and reprogram the sprinkler controller. If needed, we'll remove blockages, install hazard backflow and drain valves, and perform all piping needs, like cutting and capping pipes or PVC sleeve installation. Our other sprinkler repair services include:

• Water Well Filters Installation
• Concrete Donut Installation Around Sprinklers
• Sprinkler Valve Box Replacement
• Pop-Up and Rotor Nozzle Replacement
• Diaphragm and Solenoid Replacement

• Malfunctioning Control Valve Repair
• Locate Buried Control Valves, Underground Shut-Off Valve
• Emergency Water Shut-Off
• Wireless Sensor Installation