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Sprinkler Systems To Keep Your Lawn Green

Keep your tuft grass bright and green during hot summers with sprinkler systems installed and maintained by Clean Green, Inc. near Little Elm, Texas. Our systems balance your desire for a lush greenspace with the need for water conservation. We take several factors into account to provide you with the best results in lawn care.

Factors We Consider

Let us help with your design, installation, and irrigation maintenance. We provide sprinkler repair and water leak repair services. Our team members consider the soil type, property size, and plant types in determining how much to apply and when to water, such as early in the morning when temperatures and winds are low. Today's technology allows you to create an easily adjusted watering schedule to meet a variety of concerns, such as:

• Soil Types
• Sloping
• Turf Grass
• Ground Cover

• Shrubbery
• Trees
• New Lawns
• Hydro Zoning Flower Beds

Healthy Plants

Landscape with Sprinkler

Water Conservation

Save water and money when you use our certified irrigators to install a watering system. You can get micro irrigation and drip irrigation to deliver moisture right to the plant roots. We'll perform water audits, determine system efficiency, and provide system tune-ups. Our system enhancements translate into potential savings for you. We will adjust sprinklers overthrowing walkways, ensure head-to-head coverage, and provide broken sprinkler repair upgrades. Choose from a variety of efficient water spray heads such as stream rotary nozzles and low head drainage sprinklers. You can have us install PC sprays, valves, or screens to avoid excessive water pressure. To irrigate your lawn during the right times, we also install a variety of different sensors for:

• Rain

• Wind

• Moisture

• Excessive Flow

Other Services

We're happy to help with other related watering or sprinkler system issues. Ask us to help you upgrade to an ET-based smart controller to make irrigation control even easier. We'll set up rain water harvesting systems and rain gardens too. You can count on us to fulfill a number of watering and irrigation needs. These may also include:

• Sprinkler Controller Reprogramming
• Relocate, Repair, & Replacement Of Rain & Freeze Sensors
• Sprinkler System Valve Replacement Or Repair
• Master Valve Installation & Checking
• Repair Electrical Wire Or Solenoid Problems In The Sprinkler System
• Irrigation System Winterization
• Drip Irrigation Repair
• Replace Double Check Valve Assembly